Tripstigator has been set up to encourage growth and learning between Social Impact Organizations and Marketing Volunteers.

Hosts on Tripstigator should be interested in cultural exchange and sharing experiences. They should be able to provide a welcoming friendly environment for members. However encouraged this doesn't include accommodation and food.

In exchange they can expect to receive new friends from all over the world who are interested in fulfilling a 'marketing need' and learning about new ways of life. The help offered is generally for around 5 hours per day, 5 days a week. This can be anything which is within reach of a willing visitor.

Some typical examples of 20+ pre-scoped project templates we've created for you include an illustration, press release, social media plan, communications material audit, copywriting, or market research.

Remember travellers come to have a different experience to what they are used to in their own country. Many are students on a year out, but some are professionals on a career break, there are families, retirees and full-time digital nomads. This means that they should be made to feel part of the family, community or team. Hosts should interact with visitors as much as they can. However please remember is NOT set up to provide labour or replace paid workers. It is a cultural exchange and 'needs' fulfillment where both parties can learn and benefit.

*Benefits of being a Tripstigator host :

  • It's free
  • Get on top of those jobs you've been meaning to do
  • Meet new people, make new friends and share adventures
  • Let the world come to you
  • Exchange skills. Learn and teach new skills
  • Learn and practice a new language
  • Get fresh ideas and perspectives on your project
  • Create new inspirations and dynamics
  • Become part of the global community
  • Revisit with your own city/ town!
  • Have more friends around the world

Once approved as a host on, members are able to contact you. Remember we only provide interested parties with a way to contact you (your email is not given out or visible to the public) and we only show the general area in which you live. The choice to offer and accept the volunteer for an exchange is entirely up to you. After the first contact has been made, you can then provide more specific details should you wish to.